The Malaysian cuisine is influenced by the many ethnic and indigenous groups living in Malaysia. Much of the influence of these cuisines are from the surroundings of Java, Sumatra, China, India as they were all part of the ancient spice route. Many cuisines while originating from a certain culture have created their own identity by using styles of cooking from the other cultures.  Malaysia is a great place to try many different types of delicious and affordable food. Here, can be found fusion cuisine, regional specialities, Nyonya cuisine and lots of fresh seafood. The flavours are diverse and food for all sorts of budget,from dining in exclusive restaurants to eating al-fresco at food courts. Food can be found at any time in Malaysia, there are some restaurants which are open for 24 hours a day.

Chicken Rice

Spicy Chilly Crabs

Curry Laksa

Nasi Lemak

Sweet and Sour Pork

Fried Prawns with Broccoli

Eating Street Food in Malaysia is a truly unique experience and one of the culinary pleasures of a trip to Malaysia.. Some of the best food can  be found here, many of these” hawker food ” need to be experienced on the street, not in a proper restaurant. These streets come “alive ” in the evenings with the streets and pavements covered  with plastic tables and chairs selling all types of food imaginable. Follow the locals to their favourite stalls and enjoy the experience of eating great tasty food. So many varieties of food by the diverse people of Malaysia !  So tasty and cheap !

Roasted chicken & Pork


Roti Canai

Wan Tan Noodles

Mixed Fruit Ice Desert