Travel Tips

Below are some travel tips to consider when planning to visit Malaysia:

Malaysia is near the equator, it is hot and rains almost every day. The showers are usually short but can be heavy at times. It would be   a good idea to check the time of the Monsoon season especially if the tourist intend to visit the islands on the east coast of Malaysia.

Consider the timing of the holiday to take part in the various festivals which are held throughout the year. Come and experience the warmth,hospitality and culture of Malaysia. Be able to witness traditional dances, crafts and perhaps take part in them.

Visit Central Market in Kuala Lumpur  to buy handmade souvenirs and wooden handcrafts. Here, can be found batik dresses and traditional crafts all under one roof.

Experience flying giant kites called Wau and the Wayang Kulit which is a dying folk art on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. Be fascinated by the shadow puppet show come alive in the hands of the skilled puppet master in the state of Kelantan.

Visit the Skybridge at the Petronas Twin Towers which is the tallest twin towers in the world. The Skybridge connects the 2 towers on the 41st and 42nd floors and it is also the world’s highest 2-storey bridge. The Observation Deck on the 86th floor provides a breathtaking   view of Kuala Lumpur.

Be adventurous and try the amazing food  which is delicious, cheap and plentiful. Hawker and street food is the best way to try food by   the various ethnic groups. Also try Malaysia’s local fruits such as coconuts, durians, mangosteens, rambutans when they are in season .

See unique wildlife and natural wonders of Malaysia. Visit the state of Sabah to see orang-utans in the jungle and also turtles laying eggs in the beaches.

Malaysia is a mecca for those who love shopping ! There are always great discounts in the shopping malls especially during the  festive seasons

  • Always bring your sunglasses, sunblock lotion and an umbrella , they are needed because of the hot and rainy weather.   A raincoat may come in handy and always drink lots of water.
  • The tourist is advised to carry an insect / mosquito repellant due to the hot humid climate
  • Clothing : Light cool clothes for casual wear. Light jacket if you are travelling up the hills. Collar shirts with sleeves and long pants if the tourist is going to visit places of worship /places with code of dressing. Dress modestly. Sleeveless clothing & short pants are not permitted in these places.
  •  Do take off your shoes when entering religious places of worship or when entering someone’s house, this is the local custom.
  • Nudity is prohibited in Malaysia.

Timezone: GMT+8

Electricity: 220 AC, 50 HZ

Currency : The local currency is the Ringgit. Credit cards are widely accepted in major towns & cities. There are many authorised money changers in the urban areas.