Malaysia is one of the best destinations in the world for shopping. From exclusive international brands  to local traditional products, Malaysia  has it all. The prices are very competitive and in many shops and bazaars you are expected to bargain which adds to the fun in shopping. The shopping malls in the bigger cities are open from 10AM-10PM, shopping hours are usually extended during the festive seasons.There are plenty of sales everywhere with great discounts, this is a good time for the locals and tourists to hunt for bargains. The smaller shops and businesses may open and close earlier.

Bukit Bintang Area
This area is one of he most well known shopping districts in Kuala Lumpur with shops to suit all types of budgets. This area is very busy as there are many hotels, eateries, shopping malls and businesses here. It is very vibrant at night with many bars and restaurants open till late at night. Busking can be found here and as a result, the streets come alive at night with music performances and sometimes magic shows. This area is well serviced by buses, taxis and the monorail, making it easy to find transport

The Pavilion,
This is an upmarket mall  where one can find international brands and designer goods. This is the largest mall in the Bukit Bintang area which is beautifully decorated during the festive seasons. Here ,one can find trendy restaurants, money changers, supermarket, beauty salons, cinema and other facilities to make your visit enjoyable. Just opposite Pavilion, is the Starhill Gallery which is a ritzy mall specialising in luxury goods especially fine watches and leather goods. There is an ultra posh food court on the lower ground floor where one can enjoy the ambiance and great food.

Sungai Wang Plaza
This is a favourite shopping centre for the locals as there are many stalls and shops selling affordable goods.It is known as one of the cheapest places for retail products and very busy especially on week ends.Here can be found local designers boutiques, a great selection of affordable ladies,men children’s clothes, toys and games.There are many shops selling cell phones, fashionable teenage clothing, costume jewellery, accessories and books.There are many eateries here with a wide selection of food.

Low Yat Plaza Mall
This mall is adjacent to Sungai Wang Plaza and specialises in IT,gadgets,gizmos and electronic products.The goods are competitively priced as there are many shops offering the same type of goods. Here can be found shops selling products by Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Nikon, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba to name a few of the brands there. Prices here are negotiable and you can get some good bargains here.There are technical experts who can fix your computers,cell phones and other electronic gadgets for a fee.

KLCC Suria Mall
KLCC Suria Mall is located at the bottom of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. It has many luxury brands here but at the same time there are also many local retailers selling affordable goods.The mall is connected to the KLCC LRT station which makes the mall easy to reach. Nearby are hotels, KLCC Park and the KLCC Convention Centre. The mall is also home to the Petroscience Exhibition Hall which is a Science Discovery Centre especially for children.There is also an aquarium here called the Aquaria KLCC where one can marvel at the underwater world. For art lovers, there is the Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra which performs in the concert hall and the Petronas Art Gallery.

Petaling Street
Petaling Street is a lively and vibrant street market located in the Chinatown district in Kuala Lumpur. For many travellers, shopping here is an unforgettable experience with the many different types of goods and food. There are hundreds of stalls here and this place is vibrant at night with a lively atmosphere.In this shopper’s haven can be found fake branded products like handbags,clothes, watches,cosmetics DVD at really cheap prices. Here, can be found souvenir shops, fruit and snack stalls with many delicious local cuisines to try. Many of the shops stay open until late at night. This is the place to practice your bargaining skills or you will get ripped off. especially tourists. Be prepared as some stall vendors may double the price for tourists. Be careful of your belongings as there are many pickpockets in this area.
Petaling Street is well serviced by buses,  LRT. (Pasar Seni Plaza Rakyat Station) and the Monorail ( Maharajalela Station ). It is a short walk from these stations to Petaling Street.  One of the oldest Indian Temples in Kuala Lumpur, Sri Mahamariamman Temple, is located adjacent to Petaling Street.along Jalan Tun H.S. Lee,

Central Market
Central Market, also known as Pasar Seni is located a short distance from Petaling Street. It is a famous tourist attraction where one can find local souvenirs and handicrafts. . Here, can be found authentic traditional goods like batik, ethnic jewellery, clothing, carvings, sculptures, accessories, home decorations and hand crafted gifts. Some of the other traditional goods found here are shell and beaded jewellery, Kelantan kites and traditional fabric such as songket and hand painted sarungs. This place is very vibrant and colourful during the festive seasons as the different ethnic groups show case their own products. There are also art exhibitions held here to support the local artists, There are buses to Central Market,the LRT Station is Pasar Seni Station.


Amcorp Mall Flea Market
The Flea Market in Amcorp Mall is one of the oldest in Malaysia and is held on Saturdays and Sundays.Bargain hunters as well as avid collectors come looking for great bargains and hard- to- find collectibles. These include rare comics, old books and records,movie posters, old furniture,vintage items, stamps, coins and other second hand items, Many people visit this flea market to join in the vibrant and different environment. The flea market is open from 10AM-6PM on week ends. LRT Station (Taman Jaya Station)

Kasturi Walk
This is an open-air, covered flea market located near Central Market,There are many stalls and kiosks selling fruits, local snacks,shoes, handbags and clothing. Good quality and handcrafted products can be obtained here, shoppers are allowed to bargain. Also available are an assortment of Malaysian cakes, sweets and other types of traditional food. There is a 9-metre high traditional Malay kite at the entrance to Kasturi Walk. During special occasions, there are cultural performances here.

Taxis and buses are easily available here to take you to your destination. LRT (Pasar Seni Station)

Chow Kit Market
For the tourist, visiting a wet market is thrilling experience as it gives you an insight into the every-day life of the local people. Chow Kit market is the largest wet market in Malaysia and has many stalls selling fresh as well as dried products.The market has a lively atmosphere and covered by large colourful umbrellas. There are 2 sections in the market, the dry and the wet sections. The cleaner part is the dry section where one can find shoes,DVDs,clothes,textiles, fruits, vegetables and spices. The wet section of the market sells fresh meat like mutton,chicken, beef, pork and fish, the place smells strongly.The market is open by 7AM.
There are many buses and taxis to Chow Kit as this is a popular destination for locals.  Monorail ( Chow Kit Station )

Some of the unusual and fun museums include the Red Carpet Wax Museum, Trick Art Museum and the Chocolate Museum

Red Carpet Wax Museum
This red coloured museum is located in i-City in Shah Alam, Selangor. Mr Bean is one of the first wax models to greet the visitor when he enters the museum. The wax exhibits are arranged according to various themes consisting of historical, political and world leaders, martial artists, movie stars, pop stars and other iconic figures. This is an interactive museum and visitors are allowed to touch the wax exhibits and have their photos taken with them. Opens daily: 10AM-12AM

Trick Art Museum
This is an unique museum where visitors experience optical illusions through the two dimensional  paintings to make them appear as three dimensional. The paintings can be found on the walls and floors of the museum .Well placed lighting enhances the effects of the paintings and make them appear so realistic. Visitors are highly encouraged to take photographs with the paintings to experience the full effects of the scenes. The museum is in i-City near to the Red Carpet Wax Museum. Opens from 10AM-12MN

Chocolate Museum
The chocolate museum is located in Kota Damansara and is an interactive and one-of a- kind chocolate museum in South East Asia. Here one can learn about the history of the origins of the chocolate and the health benefits of chocolate. Visitors can have a chocolate-making experience and view the Chocolate Kitchen which are equipped with the latest chocolate making machineries. There are more than 100 chocolate brands available for purchase at special prices.

The museum opens daily from 10AM-5PM. Free admission into the museum.